How to Gain muscle: Tips, Diet & Supplements

Many of us want to build muscle when it comes to improving our overall physique. Adding muscle mass in our body can help improve lean body mass and can add bulk in all the right places. However, building muscle strength may seem quite daunting as you need a long-term commitment to the process. But with proper training, a healthy diet and adding certain supplements, you can definitely achieve this goal. 

The basics of building muscle is to keep increasing the amount of protein in your body while not letting it expel from the body. Because if your body removes more protein than it adds, you’ll lose muscle mass. Consistent training with weights and a nutritious diet will ensure the same. 

Tips to gain muscle

Let’s look at certain tricks and tips to gain muscle:

1.Choose the correct amount of lifting weight 

The weight that you will lift should be heavy enough to make you perform at least 20 reps. For instance, if you are performing a set of 10 repetitions, by the tenth one you should feel completely exhausted and should not be able to go for another round. 

The amount of weight you lift determines your muscle growth. 

2.Exercise is the key 

Muscle building is specific to muscle being worked. With lifting heavy weights, it is very important that you exercise especially for different areas of your body. For example, if you want to build biceps, do the bicep exercise and if it is about the legs then work on squats and lunges. 

Exercise pre and post weight lifting can help you give a kick start or can conclude your entire workout session and can keep you moving. 

3.Avoid Overtraining 

A good thumb rule for any workout session is to do 3 sets of compound movements followed by isolation movements. This allows you to benefit from each and every exercise possible which will also maximise your overall muscle building potential and will avoid any overtraining. 

Once the training part is done, it is very important to provide our body with a healthy and nutritious diet. 

The Diet 

There is no rocket science behind what kind of foods you should be taking while you are on a muscle-gain diet. Make sure you have all your proteins, fats and carbohydrates to gain muscles. 

For proteins you can have chicken, Whey protein, eggs and fish as well. 

To include fats in your diet you can have cheese, avocados, coconut and olive oil. Talking about carbs you can have rice, potato, oats and fruits. 

You have to keep one important thing in mind. As your calorie intake increases, it may become difficult for you to consume whole foods. Hence, you can switch to liquids such as smoothies and shakes. 

Foundational Supplements

Adding a supplement to an already nutritious and strict training may sound odd but it can help increase your energy levels and can give you a kick start for the day. 

Mass gainers are one of the tastiest, cheapest and portable options available when it comes to supplements. If you have a problem with your protein intake or increasing meal frequency, then you should definitely give mass gainer powder a try. 

Even muscle gain supplements help you give a healthy weight and boost muscle growth. Not only are all the supplements tasty but are also pocket friendly and can save your money. 

The Takeaway 

‘No Pain, No Gain’! You have to put in the work in all areas to achieve your goal. Thus, to gain muscles it is very important to have a proper workout routine, a healthy and nutritious diet with the right amount of supplements. Overall, to increase and build your muscle strength, you should eat right, lift hard and stay consistent and motivated.