How can omega-3 benefit your skin and hair?

Although it’s true that you have to take some care of your skin and hair from the outside to keep them healthy, your diet also plays a significant role in determining their well-being in the long run. 

It is because when you are feeding them essential nutrients from the inside, you can be sure that the problems will be cured, right from the source! 

And when it comes to skin and hair health, you just can’t ignore the pivotal role Omega-3 can play! 

Research shows that Omega-3 fatty acids provide eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) to our body. Further, these contain retinol, selenium and essential vitamins, which can be linked with amping up your hair health and helping you have soft and plump skin. 

Keep scrolling as we unfold some amazing Omega-3 capsule benefits for your hair and skin and tell you how you can incorporate it into your regular diet.

Omega-3 benefits on skin and hair 

Here’s how Omega-3 can up your hair and skin game.

Enhances skin’s resilience to UV rays

Omega-3 can reduce your skin’s sensitivity to the sun!

No, it doesn’t work like sunscreen. But as omega-3 are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, the fish oil screens the skin cells against the sun’s damage or inflammation and controls how your body might react to the UV rays. And this alleviates the damage caused by sun rays on your skin.

Inhibits signs of skin aging

As you age, your skin starts to lose collagen and the lipid barriers deteriorate, which leads to signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

You can counter this effect with a proper dosage of Omega-3! These directly impact the phospholipid layer which helps enhance the moisture retention power of your skin and gives it a hydrated and plump texture.

With hydrated lipids, there will be no signs of ageing and you can maintain that healthy and youthful glow, always! 

Lowers the chances of breakouts

Omega-3 can reduce skin conditions like acne, or breakouts!

Research shows that Omega-3 can mitigate the severity of blemishes and lead to smooth and soft skin over time. Further, there have been studies that suggest that a diet low in Omega-3 increases the chances of breakouts. 

So, to keep acne at bay, start consuming Omega-3 via your diet or Omega 3 supplements, right away!

Now, let’s move into the benefits of Omega-3 for hair

Shields your locks from the harmful sun rays

Like your skin, Omega-3 protects your locks from the harmful impact of the sun’s UVA and the UVB rays. 

The unique combination of the EPA and DHA provided by Omega-3 guards your hair strands against prolonged exposure to the sun and reduces conditions like dry and frizzy hair. 

Boosts hair growth

Omega-3 is a healthy fat that stimulates blood flow to your head and encourages the opening of the hair follicles and provides the nutrients in them, directly. 

This entire process enhances the hair growth cycle and boosts hair growth over time. Moreover, as Omega-3 prevents hair follicle inflammation, a factor that leads to hair loss, you can bid goodbye to hair fall issues!

Now that you are a bit aware of how Omega-3 benefits hair and skin, let’s delve into how you can ensure its proper dosage, daily!

Best sources of Omega-3/ How can you use Omega-3 for faster results?

Since Omega-3 is not produced in our body, we have to rely on either Omega-3 food sources or dietary supplements.

Some rich Omega-3 food sources would include mackerel, sardines, tuna, salmon, egg and milk. However, if you are into vegetarian or vegan diets, you can rely on dark leafy vegetables, chia seeds, walnuts, seeds, kale and flaxseed.

But if preparing these food sources seem too much, you can also ensure proper dosage of this essential with dietary supplements. All you need to do is pop in a capsule, twice a day!

And given the essential micronutrients infused in these supplements, you can easily derive the benefits of Omega-3 for skin

Points to keep in mind before consuming Omega-3/ Are there any side effects associated with Omega-3?

Before you start reaping out the benefits of Omega-3 for hair and skin, make sure you are conforming to the prescribed dosage to ensure faster and better results. 

Also, remember that not all Omega oils offer the same benefit. For instance, Omega-6 might sound like a more robust sibling, but in reality, these two are completely distinct in nature. In fact, increased levels of Omega-3 reduces the effectiveness of our favorite Omega-3s! 

So, while you pick the Omega 3 supplements, keep an eye on the ingredients!


We are all aware of the adage “Beauty comes from the inside”. So, though you can be benefitted from your skincare regime, it’s important that you intake a nutrient-dense diet to achieve optimal skin and hair health.

And as Omega-3 is not produced by our bodies, you have to make sure that you are implanting it in your diet via supplements or food sources to derive its benefits.

So, hurry up and get your hands on Omega-3 to sport lustrous locks and have supple and radiant skin.