Mass Gainer: Your Holy Grail for Healthy Weight Gain

Most of the people aim to lose weight while others wish to gain weight to tone their body and look muscular. What’s difficult in gaining healthy weight is to consume more calories than you burn everyday. 

As you increase your calorie intake, you may find it difficult to consume whole foods at frequent intervals. Here, the mass gainer comes into the picture. They are not your typical protein supplements but are rich in protein, carbohydrates and amino acids. 

Let’s look at what Mass Gainers actually are and how they benefit you. 

Mass Gainers are high-calorie supplements that contain nutrients other than proteins too such as carbohydrates, fat, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. The high carbohydrate and fat amount is essential to boost the calorie intake. There are various mass gainers available in the market but try to look for ones that are sugar-free and have high amounts of carbohydrates in it. The plant based mass-gainer checks all the essential ingredients needed to build up a muscular body healthily. You can definitely try it out. 

Usage of Mass Gainer

A single spoon of a Mass Gainer can give about 350 to 1200 calories a day. Even though a mass gainer is a source of protein too, it should be consumed by people who are hard gainers. These are the people who are unable to put on weight easily even after having a nutritious diet. Hence, together with the everyday food intake, skinny people can definitely try for mass gainers to gain a healthy weight. 

A mass gainer can be consumed with water or milk pre-workout or post-workout or as directed by your health expert. 

Benefits of Mass Gainer

1.Rich in Carbs 

Mass gainers contain a good amount of carbohydrates to provide you with the required energy for a heavy workout. They keep you moving and help you fuel your brain and heart muscles as well. 

2.Enriched with high-quality protein 

High amount of protein in mass gainers works as an excellent supplement for bodybuilding, easily helping a person bulk-up. 

3.Helps in muscle recovery and growth 

Amidst following a bodybuilding schedule, muscle recovery and growth is very important to achieve the desired results. Good muscle recovery is essential to stay regular and consistent with your workout plan. 

4.Blend of  minerals and Vitamins 

There is a good mixture of minerals and vitamins in mass gainers to give the required nourishment to your body and keep you healthy and fit. 

5.Rich in Fiber 

Fiber plays a major role in digestive health. It keeps your body from bloating and improves digestion. The regular consumption of mass gainers does not cause stomach problems and keeps you healthy and fit at the same time. 


 It is very important to follow a good workout routine especially when you are on mass gainers. Mass gainers are helpful to provide a brew of proteins and carbs along with top-notch multivitamins and fats. They not only meet your extreme calorie requirements but also enhance your recovery rate. Weight gainers can actually give you the ‘edge’ you need to take your muscle building to a whole new level.