Fat Burn: Tips, Tricks and Supplements for an effortless fat burn

If you feel that any extra calories that you are consuming go straight to your belly or thighs, then you are not imagining things. These are usually the areas where your body stores fat depending upon your hormones, lifestyle, age and other factors. 

It is quite difficult to get rid of this extra fat that has been accumulated. There are different ways to do so such as a healthy diet, supplements or even spot-reduction. But first, let’s just get you familiar with some of the trips and tricks that you can follow to burn your fat. 

Trips and Tricks to burn fat 

1.Follow a high-protein diet: Eating more protein is directly associated with a lower risk of belly fat. The high-protein diet can help you with preserving your muscle mass and metabolism during your weight loss journey. Thus, increasing your protein intake lowers your appetite and helps brace up fat burning. Some examples of protein rich food include meat, eggs and dairy products. 

2.Go for healthier beverages: Sugar-sweetened drinks such as soda and juice should be a big no because such drinks are one of the easiest ways to increase fat. Even alcohol is high in calories and should be replaced with calorie-free beverages like water and green tea. It will promote fat burning and will also keep you healthy and hydrated. 

3.Cut down on refined carbohydrates: Refined carbohydrates are quite low in fiber and nutrients. They are rich in glycemic index which cause spikes and crashes in blood sugar level, resulting in increased hunger. It also increases your belly fat. Hence, replace pasta, white breads and breakfast cereals with whole grains such as barley, oats and quinoa. 

4.Make coffee your best friend: Coffee is rich in caffeine which is a primary ingredient to increase the breakdown of fat and increase metabolism. You can always skip on cream and sugar to maximise coffee’s effect in burning fat. Enjoy black coffee to prevent the extra calories getting stacked up. 

5.Increase your Cardio: Aerobic exercises are one of the ways to reduce your belly fat. The more you do it, the more you tend to lose. It also helps reduce waist circumference and lower body fat. For example: Running, walking, cycling and swimming are some of the cardio exercises that can help burn fat and give a kick-start to your weight loss journey.  

The Supplements 

Now that you are familiar with certain trips and tricks,  you can simultaneously also try supplements that aid in healthy weight management. Taking supplements is a quick and an easy way to reduce body weight and fat percentage. It helps you keep your weight under control. Supplements that are enriched in natural ingredients such as Amla, Neem and Gokhru are quite effective as they help you shed more calories and help you reduce your extra fat. Not only are they flavourful and tasty but also keeps you energised all day long. 

The Takeaway 

Including some healthy habits into your routine and switching to a protein-rich diet can help burn fat. Just try to incorporate some kind of movement in a day, even if it’s a walk. Make sure you team up these tips and tricks with supplements to keep your body energetic and going throughout the day. You have to begin the fat-burn journey to see a difference!