Ashwagandha: 5 things to know about Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is often associated as the miracle ayurvedic herb which is known to keep stress and anxiety away from you. But there’s definitely a lot more about this medicinal herb than meets the eye. It is a herb that has been used for its medicinal properties both in Ayurveda and Chinese culture for thousands of years. 

Scientifically speaking, Ashwagandha is a small shrub with yellow flowers that is mainly grown in India and North Africa. Ashwagandha, in Sanskrit, means “smell of the horse”. Ashwagandha has a very unique smell and has an ability to enhance strength. 

Health benefits of Ashwagandha 

Apart from managing stress and anxiety, Ashwagandha has a plethora of other health benefits such as reducing the risk of arthritis, hypertension, and high blood sugar levels. Additionally, it contains antioxidants that help bolster the immune system, keeping all kinds of infections away. 

Ashwagandha is mainly consumed in the form of capsules, tablets, powder or tea. Furthermore, ashwagandha essential oil, extracted through steam distillation from the roots of the shrub may be used to reduce stress, improve sleep, boost cognitive functions, and relieve body pain. 

Following are the most popular benefits of Ashwagandha: 

1. Ashwagandha works as an Immunity booster 

Ashwagandha has immune-boosting properties and bolsters the immune system by enhancing the body’s ability to defend against infections and disease. Additionally, it is known for its  antioxidant boosting properties that protects the cells from damage caused due to radical activity. This keeps inflammation at par and furthermore reduces the body’s risk of developing chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, arthritis, heart ailments and even cancer. Moreover, its antibacterial properties help the body fight bacterial and pathogenic infections, thus strengthening one’s immune system.

2. Controls Blood sugar level 

Research says that Ashwagandha is a great remedy to control blood sugar level as well. Ashwagandha extract helps to influence the production of insulin and insulin sensitivity among as well. It can also stimulate and regulate the secretion of insulin in the bloodstream, which further leads to a better management of sugar levels in the blood.

3. Relieves stress and anxiety 

One of the main benefits of Ashwagandha is that it helps in the better management of stress and anxiety. It is believed to reduce the stress hormones present in our body. A cup of Ashwagandha tea in the morning can instantly soothe your nerves and help you feel relaxed. It is also used in aromatherapy to help you stay calm throughout the day. 

4. Improves cognitive function 

Ashwagandha also works well when it comes to improving the brain function, memory and motor skills. It regulates and improves performance level and helps to stay productive. Additionally, it prevents neurodegenerative diseases by its stress management ability. 

5. Increases energy and endurance 

Ashwagandha helps to improve muscle mass and endurance in the body. Moreover, it increases the red blood cells count and keeps hemoglobin at bay. Several studies show men who consumed Ashwagandha showed significant gain in muscle strength along with reduction of fat percentage in the body

The Takeaway 

The antioxidant and relaxing properties of Ashwagandha makes it the miracle herb. Being a natural ingredient, it is quite safe for all people. It not only helps you manage your stress and anxiety but has other health benefits as well such as improving cognitive functions and controlling blood sugar level.