Acne on Your Arms: Everything You Need to Know

Our bodies are covered in hair follicles and when these hair follicles are clogged, that’s when breakouts happen. Hence, we can literally get pimples almost anywhere on our bodies. So, we can break out on our arms as well. 

However, when we break out on our arms, it’s more likely a possible skin condition. Thus, before knowing what are the causes of underarm acne, let’s first correctly identify what you are actually dealing with. 

Possible Conditions 

Following are the conditions that you might be dealing with if you are breaking out on your arms:

1. Keratosis Pilaris

It is a type of condition in which the skin cells lining the hair follicles fail to shed away properly and form plugs instead. The bumps formed are generally smaller and shallower than acne. Unlike acne, the bumps don’t form any red cysts and Keratosis Pilaris bumps most often show up on the underarms. 

2. Folliculitis 

Folliculitis is another infection of the hair follicles that can also result in red bumps on the arms and looks a lot like acne. Being an infection, it is quite hurtful and you shouldn’t be bumping or touching these at any cost. 

3. Hives 

Hives are full-fledged acne on the arms and they feel quite itchy. They are mainly caused by stress or some type of allergic reactions. Hence, make sure to take a warm bath on a regular basis to stay bacteria-free. 


Breakouts on the underarms are often traced to lifestyle habits. Few of the most common reasons for breaking out on arms include hygiene, hormonal changes, skincare regime or even wearing tight clothes. The skin on the body is not as different as the skin on the face. If you don’t wash your face, you might end up getting pimples. Same goes with the body as well. Washing your body removes dead skin cells and gets rid of the extra oil. If you're not washing your body frequently, dead skin cells, sweat, and dirt can build up and cause pimples. Another possible trigger can be the trapped sweat from wearing tight clothes especially in summers. When the clothes are tight, sweat has nowhere to go and thus leading to underarm acne. 


One of the most effective ways to treat underarm acne is to scrub your body to get rid of extra oil. Bump eraser body scrub is a gentle exfoliant for skin which is enriched with 10% AHA and 5% Glycolic acid. This scrub clears off dead skin cells, reduces the tiny bumps and rough patches on your body to reveal even textured and healthier looking skin.Exfoliate for at least two-three times a week. 

Avoid wearing super-tight clothes or even if you are wearing one, make sure to take shower and change as soon as you workout. Additionally cleanse the body thoroughly with a loofah for gentle exfoliation everyday. 

Moisturize the body: This is a key step to preventing acne. When the skin is dry, it tries to compensate by producing a lot of oil. 

The Takeaway 

If your arms have an acne breakout, there are a few steps you can take in your daily routine that can help clear it up. Inculcate your body care routine with regular exfoliation, and including a moisturizing body scrub or a medicated body wash. Additionally, make sure to wear comfy and light clothes to let sweat pass through your body. Often, underarm breakouts can be prevented by implementing a good skin care routine and washing after physical activity or anything that causes oil to build up on your skin.