Bump Eraser : A guide to Get Rid of Razor Bumps, Ingrown hair, small bumps

A good, clean shave leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft at first but it leads to red bumps. Razor bumps can occur anywhere that’s been shaved. Waxing, plucking may cause the condition in some cases, too. Razor bumps are most likely to occur on the face, particularly the chin, neck and lower cheeks. 

People with curly and thick hair are more disposed to razor bumps. However, there are some over-the-counter treatments to treat razor bumps. Let’s see what these are. 

Tips to get rid of Razor bumps, Ingrown hair and small bumps

1. Exfoliate skin before shaving

Exfoliating legs prior to shaving helps to remove dead skin cells, allowing easy gliding of the product and better hair removal. This in turn, will help to reduce ingrown hair and razor bumps as well. A bump eraser is a gentle exfoliant for skin, made with 10% AHA. 5% Glycolic Acid provides skin cleansing and lightening properties along with 5% Lactic Acid that also hydrates the skin. This scrub clears off dead skin cells, reduces the tiny bumps and rough patches on your body to reveal even textured and healthier looking skin. 

2. Don’t forget to use Pre-shave oil 

Oil works as a protective layer against the razor and helps to ease the shaving process. A good pre-shave oil will hydrate, protect skin and soften the area whilst allowing the blade to glide smoothly over skin and through hairs thus reducing ‘tug and pull’ resulting in much less irritation. Another benefit is the pre-shave oil forming a coating over the skin to directly protect it from the blade.

3. Moisturise immediately after your shower 

There is no way you can skip this particular step. It is quite essential to moisturise immediately right after you come out of shower to lock in the moisture and reduce inflammation from shaving.

4. Apply Toner after Shaving 

Toners help to alleviate redness and irritation as well as provide hydration. Lock in the moisture and reduce inflammation from shaving. Moreover, toners help to maintain the pH balance of the skin as well. 

5. Avoid Dry shaving at all 

Dry shaving is one of the worst things for the skin, as it will cause the blade to tug and pull the skin with it. A shaving cream or gel allows for the razor to evenly glide across the skin without irritation or causing nicks and cuts. 

The Takeaway 

Razor bumps can be very itchy and irritating. However, in most cases, it can be treated and prevented with simple adjustments in your hair removal process. Make sure to use the right products pre and post shaving in order to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair as well.