Hair serum: Your ultimate remedy for frizzy, dry & dull hair- Benefits, Types & Uses

A hair serum acts as a styling aid for your vanity. Most of the serums are silicone-based and coats the surface of your hair leaving them glossy and shiny. There are a large variety of hair serums that come with different formulas and are available depending on what hair issue you want to tackle. A hair serum is especially designed to reduce frizz, add shine and strengthen hair. 

Hair serum can benefit your hair in many different ways. Let’s see what a hair serum does. 

The Benefits of hair serum 

Hair serums hydrate the hair, protect the coated strands and keep the hair and scalp adequately nourished. Over and above this, hair serums are best for eliminating frizz, protecting from extreme climatic conditions, and smoothing any damaged strand. It also protects hair from extreme dryness and keeps split ends at bay. 

If your hair is quite weak and damaged, it may look frizzy and dry. The silicone in hair serums covers the same. It adds volume to the weak strands and also locks in the natural pattern of hair. 

With the anti-frizz effect, hair serums also improve the smoothness of the hair. This in turn, keeps the hair less tangled. 

Hair serum also gives a glossy or shiny look to your hair. Moreover, the best part of using hair serum is that it enhances your natural hair pattern. So, be it curly, wavy, straight or coily, you need not to worry. 

Also if you are someone who regularly uses heat treatments and styling on your hair, then hair serum gets you covered. It protects hair from that damage and also keeps them healthy. 

Types of Hair serums 

There are a variety of hair serums available tackling different hair issues. Let’s look at each one of them in the following section. 

  • To boost straightness: Hair serums are enriched with smoothing properties to make your hair look straight. The smoother the each strand becomes, the straighten your hair looks. 
  • To intensify curls: A lightweight serum with hydrating properties can help you enhance your natural curls for a distinguished look. 
  • To reduce frizziness: The hot and humid weather can lead your hair to frizziness. Therefore, look for a serum that can protect your hair from humid weather and can also provide hydration to them. 

  • How to use Hair serum?

    To get the most out of any product, its correct usage is important. So is the case with hair serum. Let’s see what are the steps involved in using hair serum!

    Step1: Make sure to apply hair serum on clean, washed and damp hair to get the best result. 

    Step2: Take at least 2-3 drops of hair serum on your palm. Warm the product between your hands for a few seconds. 

    Step3: Start applying the serum from the ends to the middle . Spread the product evenly. Do not take the serum to your roots as it can make your hair greasy. 

    Step4: Avoid pulling your hair aggressively as it can lead to hair fall. Be gentle while applying. 

    Step5: Once you are done applying the serum, use a comb to evenly distribute the serum from the middle of the strands to the end. 

    Step6: Style your hair the way you want to. 

    Step7: If necessary, you can definitely reapply the serum to touch up. 

    The Takeaway 

    Hair serums are your saviours when it comes to dry and frizzy hair. They improve hair in several different ways. Depending on the type of serum you use, it can help add shine, repair damaged hair, and reduce frizz. Basically, hair serum brings life to your hair. A hair serum is totally designed for your hair type and hair issue. You’ll definitely see a difference in your hair if used accordingly.