Pro-vegan meal replacement solution for healthy weight & overall fitness


Step 1
Take 250 ml of water in a shaker bottle
Step 2
Add 40 gms of lean shake (2 level scoop). People with higher BMI & metabolic rate can take 50 gm (2 heapfull scoop).
Step 3
Shake for 20-30 seconds or till a uniform mixture of Lean shake is attained
Step 4
Consume once or twice daily depending on your weight loss goals


  • Curbs appetite and cravings
  • Keeps your tummy full for longer hours
  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Decreases fat percentage
  • 2-3 Kgs of weight loss in 30 days and 4-5 kgs in 45 to 60 days on regular consumption


Obesity & rapid weight gain

Obesity & rapid weight gain

High body fat percentage

High body fat percentage

Low Metabolism

Low Metabolism

Poor digestion & nutritional deficiencies

Poor digestion & nutritional deficiencies



  • Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Obsese and overweight people with BMI more than 25
  • Suitable for all, especially those fighting with constant craving to binge, struggling with low metabolism, Have weak immunity or suffer with weak muscle and bone build-up


Hight-performance ingredients
Garcinia Cambogia Extract
Isolate Pea Protein

Contains all nine essential amino acids.Helps in muscle growth, and weight management

Gurmar Extract
12 Ayurvedic Herbs

Helps to break down excess fat in the body and prevents insulin spike.

Amla Extract
Green coffee beans

Help reduce body weight, as well as decrease fat absorbed from the diet.

Neem extract
Apple Cider Vinegar

Contribute to weight loss by promoting satiety, lowering blood sugar, and reducing insulin levels.

Nagarmotha Powder

Its potential benefits suggest that it can help weight loss, reduce appetite, lower cholesterol and can help the body feel full throughout the day

Nagarmotha Powder
Dietary Fiber (PI)

Eating enough fiber can prevent or relieve constipation, helping waste to move smoothly through the body. It also encourages healthy gut microbiota and boosts metabolism


Appetite & Craving Management:

Meal replacement shakes are often high in fiber. This helps healthy digestion, increases gastric emptying time as well as keeps the insulin levels low. All these contributes to consuming fewer calories than usual and leading to healthy weight loss.

Maintain your daily protein:

Lean Shake provides protein source with all nine essential amino acids, and lack of dairy or gluten. The protein provides amino acids to rebuild muscle fibers damaged during exercise, adding mass, and replenishes glycogen, the muscles' store of sugar for energy.

Manages weight:

Pea protein digests more slowly than whey, making it a good option for people who want to control their appetites throughout the day. Garcinia may block an enzyme your body needs to make fat and also may raise brain serotonin levels, which can make you feel less hungry.

Packed with Essential nutrients & Vitamins:

A rich source of 12 superfoods and 25 essential vitamins and minerals, one scoop of lean shake provides you nutrients equivalent to that of a meal.

Natural Formulation

Dairy Free

Cholesterol Free

Gluten Free





Store in room temperature

Keep out of direct sunlight

Consume within 15 minutes after mixing with water or milk