Vitamins : Multivitamin Gummies you need for healthy skin & body

Vitamins play a major role in shaping our inner and outer health. Until your skin is nourished from within, it will continue to have that lacklustre appearance. You need to know that only the right Vitamins can give you the healthy skin texture that you are seeking. 

Let’s look at various vitamins you need for healthy skin and body: 

1. Vitamin C

Be it commercial beauty products or any kind of home-made face masks, Vitamin C is quite popular in treating skin issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and fine lines. It  is naturally found in the topmost layer of the skin. It enhances collagen production in the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines.It speeds up the body’s healing process by reducing cell damage. Additionally, it also lightens pigmentation spots and reduces tan by inhibiting the enzyme Tyrosinase, which is responsible for the production of Melanin. It also enhances the efficacy of your sunscreen if taken orally. 

2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is mainly used in skincare for its antioxidant properties. Serums, sunscreen and moisturisers all contain this magic ingredient. Retinoids are the derivatives of Vitamin A that are primarily used in skincare, widely used to treat acne. Additionally, Vitamin A is also good to reduce the appearance of signs of aging by interrupting the process of Collagen damage. It prevents sun damage and can also prevent sunburns. 

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the most talked about Vitamin in the skincare industry because it serves a number of purposes in order to maintain healthy skin. Your body produces Vitamin E naturally as well, through an oil called Sebum. Vitamin E reduces sun damage by absorbing the UV rays of the sun when applied topically. It also keeps the skin conditioned, moisturised and prevents it from feeling irritated. 

4. Vitamin D

You need Vitamin D to prevent the occurrence of several skin diseases like acne and dermatitis. The best known source of Vitamin D is the sun. However, if you are quite sensitive to sun’s rays, you should definitely add Vitamin D supplements like Azani’s Calcium and Vitamin D gummies that are an excellent source of Vitamin D helping maintain and regulate your Vitamin D requirements. 

5. Vitamin K

Vitamin K plays a major role in dealing with a host of issues and skin conditions. Some of the major benefits of Vitamin K include fading of stretch marks, scars, dark spots, under eye circles and spider veins. Vitamin K also aids in the body’s healing process and is effective in treating wounds and bruises. 

The Takeaway 

All the vitamins mentioned above are integral for your skin and health. Not only do they make your skin glow from outside, but also keep it healthy from the inside. You can consume these Vitamins via your diet, supplements or over-the-counter treatments. Vitamins are definitely an effective and sustainable way to improve your skin as well as overall health.