Redensyl: the hair growth rejuvenator - How It works?

Every person has to face hair loss issues at some point in time. It can be due to poor nutrition, little to no attention paid to hair care regime or a genetic condition of baldness,

As per reports, more than 60% of people in India suffer from hair loss issues. 

But we have good news for you!

We are here to talk about a secret compound that can curb all your hair loss problems and promote hair regrowth. Moreover, it is plant-based and helps increase hair volume, naturally.

Well, yes, we are talking about REDENSYL.

To know how redensyl works and why you should use it, keep scrolling! 

What is redensyl?

Redensyl is a naturally obtained compound and its four important components help it to function as the ideal solution for hair regrowth. It comprises ingredients such as Dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG), EGCG2, glycine and zinc, which target the stem cells in the hair follicles and stimulate the division of these cells. And this automatically leads to hair regrowth. 

How can redensyl cater to hair issues?

Now that we possess some understanding of redensyl, let’s delve into redensyl benefits for hair

It accelerates hair growth

Redensyl does not work at the surface level and that’s what makes this compound an effective hair regrowth ingredient.

It directly aims at the cells of the hair follicles and encourages the initial hair growth phase. This helps reactivate cell division, which eventually, leads to hair regrowth.

Makes your strands thicker and stronger

You can flaunt smooth and voluminous hair with redensyl!

Comprising nutrients such as glycine and zinc, redensyl nourishes the hair follicles. It provides the necessary nutrients like proteins to your hair follicles and enhances the blood circulation in your scalp. 

This, eventually, results in stronger and thicker hair strands! 

Reduces hair fall significantly

Redensyl can reduce your hair fall by 17% within three months. It’s that effective!

When it comes to our hair cycle, the telogen phase is the part where we start facing hair loss issues. It happens when our hair follicles enter this resting phase, ahead of time.

Redensyl, the super ingredient can easily reduce the effects of this phase and reduce hair fall. Since redensyl benefits also include thorough nourishment of the hair follicles, your strands won’t snap, as they did before!

Helps increase hair volume in a natural way

Along with thicker and stronger hair, redensyl effectiveness can also be traced from the way it increases hair density.

Studies show that redensyl can increase hair regrowth by 8.9%. Now, as more and more hair follicles enter the growth phase (or anagen phase), the hair density is improved. 

Further, having a revitalized and hydrated scalp and hair follicles also enhances the hair volume. 

Owing to its functions, redensyl is often touted as a valuable alternative to a hair transplant

But why?

Here’s a list of reasons: 

  • It is completely natural and you don’t have to worry about any chemical ingredient affecting your hair or scalp. 
  • It does not comprise any hormones and instead, ensures that the hair growth is directly from the cellular level.
  • It shows faster and consistent results as it offers necessary amino acids and potent anti-inflammatories, which make up vital hair proteins. 
  • You don’t have to worry about post-operative care
  • Lastly, you don’t have to pay through your nose!

How to use redensyl?

After reading all the benefits of redensyl, you must have decided to give this a shot. Well, before that, let’s take a closer look at how you can use it. 

Rdensyl comes in different topical treatment options. And out of these, serums and oils are the most popular ones. 

  • If you use a redensyl serum, take some drops of it and massage your scalp using your fingertips for about a minute. Do not rinse out! You can also use it after a hair wash. 
  • For the ones who prefer redensyl oil, take a few drops and massage the hair roots and the scalp. Leave it overnight and wash off the oil in the morning. 

However, remember that you have to be consistent, no matter in which form you use redensyl. And for best results, follow the instructions provided with the packaging of whatever product you use.  

Do you need to worry about any side effects?

Here’s the best part about redensyl!

It hardly has any side effects because it is completely plant-based and formulated by biotechnology. It ensures hair regrowth and addresses your hair fall issues without posing any harm.

Nonetheless, try not to overuse redensyl as it can slow your path to deriving redensyl results


Multiple factors can trigger hair loss conditions. It can be an unhealthy diet, leading a hustler lifestyle or some genetic issues. But given it’s your hair, which sets the tone for your entire look and is a significant part of your appearance, you have to take some effort to ensure their health.

So, if you are facing extreme hair fall issues, we suggest you try out redensyl treatments. With all the unique properties associated with this compound, it’s really worth a shot!