Omega-3 : Healthy or just a trend?

Considering the rising population and chemicals in the food industry along with our own unhealthy habits, the occurrence of nutritional deficiencies is only a matter of time.  We usually fail to include micronutrients in our diet, Omega-3 Supplements is one such micronutrient that we tend to be deficient in.

What is Omega-3?

An omega-3 fatty acid is an essential nutrient. Omega-3 fatty acids play a vital role in skin health and body composition. However, it is not produced in our body. Therefore, it has to be managed externally through our diet. It also prevents inflammatory diseases and helps in overall wellbeing and immunity. On an average, an individual requires about 200-250 mcg of combined omega fatty acids every day. 

Benefits of Omega-3

  • Omega-3 fatty acids help fight diseases by reducing inflammation in the blood vessels, joints and other affected parts of the body. Additionally, they also lowers the risk for an abnormal heart rhythm and reduces unhealthy fats. 
  • Omega-3 fatty acids can also help in lowering blood pressure. One dietary method to do so is to replace red meat with fish during some meals. Moreover, this helps to prevent plaque buildup inside blood vessels. 
  • Not only physically but mentally too, Omega-3 fatty acids play quite a crucial role to help calm mood disorders and improve the effectiveness of antidepressants. It also comes with some “brain-boosting” powers for children to increase concentration level. 
  • Omega-3 also helps to improve joint conditions  such as muscle pain and stiffness. DHA, a type of omega-3, is a major structural component of the retina of your eye which prevents eye diseases too. 
  • Omega-3s can also reduce chronic inflammation, which can contribute to heart problems, cancer and various other diseases.  

Why are Omega-3 supplements a must for good health? 

Omega-3 is vital for everything right from immunity to cardiovascular health. This helps to cope up with the deficiency more efficiently and in a short period, unlike food sources of omega-3. These are not only important for health and wellbeing but also necessary for athletes and people who are into strenuous physical activities. For them, food sources are not enough, so supplements are the go-to option. 

The Takeaway 

Times have changed, as have our needs. In the cases of deficiencies, a supplement is necessary. Omega-3 fatty acids not only help fight diseases but also play quite a crucial role to help calm mood disorders and improve the effectiveness of antidepressants.  A plant-based one is your best option for its bioavailability and the time required to correct the deficiency. Hence, it’s not just a trend but is integral too for a healthy lifestyle.