Foot creams: Skincare your feet need

As we are getting more and more conscious about our skincare needs, there’s one body part that doesn’t get the attention it deserves: our feet. We often forget that just like our face and hands, our feet need some pampering, too!

But why?

It’s because our feet go through a lot daily. It handles the chronic pressure from walking and running, rubbing from your shoes and sandals, enduring those intensive training sessions and so much more. And all these activities lead to calluses, flakes and cracked and dry heels. 

One of the best and easiest ways to target these issues is by slathering some foot cream. These products are formulated to provide adequate nourishment and locks-in moisture to keep your feet smooth and soft.

Read on to see why a foot cream deserves to be a part of your daily skincare regime. 

Why do we need foot creams?

First, let’s look into some significant benefits of using foot creams regularly. 

Ensures deep hydration

A foot cream ensures moisturizing care, one of the main reasons why you should start using one!

Its hydration power takes care of the rough skin and provides relief from dry and cracked heels, making your feet soft and supple. Further, keeping your feet moisturized helps you bid goodbye to issues such as corn and callus formation. 

Supplies essential nutrients to your feet

Apart from hydration, your feet need adequate nourishment to soothe and heal the skin from all the hustle you go through, daily.

The best foot creams are infused with essential ingredients like vitamins and skin repair actives that protect your feet from environmental toxins and seep down through the dead skin cells to repair them, right at the source. And this helps you have soft and supple feet. 

Prevents loss of moisture

Foot creams comprise ingredients that not only ensure rejuvenation of the skin but also make it a point to prevent moisture loss. 

Foot creams contain ingredients like lanolin, beeswax, and silicone that create a very thin protective layer over the skin to lock the moisture. In this way, your feet are less prone to rough and dry skin and various other skin issues like cracks, calluses, etc. 

It can battle skin infections

Given that our feet are a part that has gone through years of wear and tear, they become prone to various skin conditions like Athlete’s feet, ringworm, corn and jock itch. 

Foot creams are a great solution to treat these issues. These skincare products consist of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce foot odor and fight different skin infections.

Now that you are aware of foot cream benefits, let’s delve a step further and help you with some tips so that you can invest in a healing and hydrating foot cream. 

How to choose the best foot creams?

Here are some of the points you need to check before getting your hands on a foot cream.

  • Hydrating and moisturizing ingredients are a must: These products, especially foot creams for cracked heels can comprise a cocktail of ingredients. But dermatologists suggest that the primary ingredient you need to have your eye on is a humectant. These are substances that draw moisture/ water into your skin. Examples of humectants would include glycerine, urea, hyaluronic acid, etc.
  • Be on the lookout for skin smoothers: The foot cream you choose must include skin smoothening or exfoliating agents as it accelerates skin cell turnover. This means constant shedding of the dead cells and replacing them with younger cells so that your feet look young. 

Ingredients such as turmeric extracts, lactic acids or salicylic acid can qualify as skin smoothers.

  • Should include anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties: As our feet are prone to a number of skin infections, foot creams should include anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. These target skin issues like athlete’s feet, and prevent foot odor caused by excessive sweating.

Neem extracts, clove and Karanja oil are excellent antiseptics and can keep different skin issues at bay.

How to use foot creams?

Our feet are at duty all the time and therefore when it comes to using foot creams, it needs to be at a time when your feet can rest, at least for 3-4 hours. 

And so the best time to apply foot cream for dry skin is at night before you get ready to sleep. For better and faster results, wear loose socks after applying the cream.

You may also apply foot cream for cracks after a shower when your skin is moist. The skin being moist (not wet) ensures faster absorption of the nutrients.


Your feet carry your body for the entire day. Moreover, it endures environmental toxins, sun damage, wear and tear from your gyming sessions, dry patches from new sandals, excessive sweating and this list can go on!

Therefore, you need to keep them strong and healthy and for that, you require to keep a check on rough and cracked heels and different other skin issues affecting your feet.

So, start using a foot cream, right away and maintain a robust foot care regime.