Falling sick too often? Time to boost your immunity

Being prone to illnesses or infections is, actually, a sign that your body’s defence line (yes, your immune response) needs some work!

Before delving into that, let’s understand this connection between sickness and immunity.

Our immune system is a huge network of organs, cells and tissues. All these work around the clock to keep you healthy.

Now, when you come in contact with foreign bodies such as bacteria, viruses or pathogens, which are responsible for causing illnesses, the soldiers in your immune system get into their specific roles to fight away the foreign body. And, you stay protected from falling sick again!

Got a rough idea of immunity, now? Delve into the next sections to learn more on immunity and see how you can follow some easy steps to have a strong immune system.

What happens when your immune system is weak?
Just like our army works day and night to protect our borders, the immune system does the same to keep us protected against diseases.

When you have a weak immune system, you will be more prone to diseases like cold and flu, pneumonia, etc. You will also run a higher risk of developing various infections and other symptoms, which will ultimately affect your health.

So, we do realise the importance of a strong immune system. And, for this, we are here to guide you with some easy steps.

Tips you can follow to strengthen your immunity
Having immunity boosting foods and keeping a check on factors such as stress is the key to a strong defence.

Now, here’s helping you with some real tips!

i) Get enough sleep
Sleep and immunity share a deep bond! When you do not have adequate sleep, your susceptibility to illnesses increases. Surprised? Well, don’t be.

As per a study, it was found that people who slept less than 6 hours in a day were more susceptible to catching a cold than the ones who slept more than that.

Therefore, always aim to have adequate sleep to strengthen your immune system. And, when you are sick, try to sleep more!

ii) Eat foods that can boost your immunity
Having immunity booster food in the right amount can help you stay healthy. For example, incorporating foods such as blueberries, spinach, green tea, almonds, turmeric, and citrus fruits provides the body with the required nutrients and therefore, keeps your soldiers strong.

To speak of some, spinach comprises essential antioxidants and nutrients like Vitamin E and C, carotenoids and flavonoids, which can give your immunity a boost. Moreover, citrus fruits like oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C. It works great in treating common cold conditions.

Many times, irrespective of following a healthy diet, it’s possible to have a deficiency of nutrients like Omega 3 and curcumin. As these are essential in boosting our immune system, we’d suggest you to intake supplements of these micronutrients and improve your overall immunity.

iii) Manage your stress level
Believe it or not, lowering your stress level can keep your immune functions healthy. According to a report, having high-stress levels for a long time increases your chances of inflammation and affects the immune cell function.

You can try out various activities like meditation, yoga, exercise, etc. to keep a check on your stress levels and bid goodbye to immunity low symptoms!

iv) Supplements are helpful
Various studies have confirmed the fact that micronutrients play an important role in strengthening immunity. Our body needs a proper dosage of essential vitamins and minerals.

The problem arises when these get skipped in our regular diets and our body starts lacking these essentials. In these cases, the supplements can come in handy. Alongside the needed dosage of Omega 3 and curcumin, it also provides other essential micronutrients.

You can also consume immunity booster medicines that are a rich source of all the vital nutrients your body needs. These act as the ultimate immunity enhancer!

v) Indulge in moderate exercise
Engaging in moderate exercise has a number of health benefits. It keeps a check on blood pressure, controls body weight and strengthens the immune system by decreasing your susceptibility to diseases.

Now, one that we would focus on is that it boosts your immunity. Studies indicate that people who indulge in moderate exercise are less prone to experiencing infections, cold and flu, etc.

Some examples of moderate exercise would be jogging, a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes, light hiking, swimming, and steady bicycling. Engaging in activities such as these on a regular basis can make your immune cells regenerate faster, giving your defence line a natural boost.

The Bottom Line
Making some lifestyle and dietary changes can go a long way in strengthening your immunity. Therefore, be it proper intake of immunity rich foods or essential supplements, being consistent with these can help you have a strong defence system.

Alongside, do remember to have adequate sleep, lower your stress levels, exercise regularly and lastly, stay hydrated.